MISSION STATEMENT to Contractors and Homeowners :


We can sketch a preliminary plan from notes made during a phone meeting,
                                                            work from your sketches, 
                                                            work from a sales drawing of a plan you like.
You will receive a written proposal for services and upon receiving your agreement to proceed, your drawings will go into production.


Always available for a chat, communication clears up confusion and develops better solutions.

We try to produce 1 or 2 preliminary sets of drawings for owner review and approval before issuance of the Construction Set.


  As part of Pre-Design services, we can arrange to meet you on-site if you have questions about grades , house placement on the lot, or if you need assistance with selection of architectural style for the house, etc.

•  If you require a more visual presentation of the design we can prepare an isometric (3-D) illustration that will better explain the "in and out" nature of the front of your house.

•  If an issue develops during construction and you need an independent opinion we can arrange to meet and discuss possible solutions.

•  All optional services are extra, billed as an hourly fee.

Designing is a Team Effort.
Unexpected Challenges require Solutions.
Good Planning produces Fine Results.
Well drawn Plans produce an Easy-to-Build house

Doyle Enterprises engages your project with a mind to design and draw what you want to build, and what you want drawn.

We are not interested in drawing extra plans and details if you don't need them. You need enough blueprints to satisfy requirements for a building permit, generally floor plan(s) and 4 exterior elevations.

We strive to provide all our clients with drawings that are BIDDABLE and BUILDABLE.

Craftsman Bungalow 2
Craftsman Bungalow 4
Craftsman Bungalow 3
Craftsman Bungalow 1